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Military Photographs WWI 

These were found in the box, showing various Scottish Regiments from World War 1

Royal Scots Regiment WW1

This photo was taken in Bathgate where the recruitment office for the Royal Scots was situated. Given the age of the young man, this could have been a cadet. Name unknown.

Sea Forth Highlanders Regiment WW1

Fought in Marne, Ypres, Somme and Vimy, among others... In Canada we have a reserve unit of the same name in Vancouver. Names unknown.

Non Combatant Corps WW1

The Non-Combatant Corps was first established by Royal Warrant in March 1916 as a result of the Military Service Act 1916, which introduced conscription in Britain for the first time. The British Army, which had no precedents or guidelines for conscription, formed the corps to provide a military unit for a category of conscientious objectors who had been conscripted but were prepared to accept only non-combatant duties, which was guaranteed in the case of the NCC. It was commanded by regular army officers and NCOs, and its members wore army uniform and were subject to army discipline, but did not carry weapons or participate in battle. Their duties were mainly to provide physical labour (building, cleaning, loading and unloading anything except munitions) for the rest of the army, both in the British Isles and overseas. Approximately 3,400 registered conscientious objectors accepted call-up into the NCC. (Wikipedia)

The name of this soldier is unknown.

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Regiment WW1

The name of this soldier is unknown.

Royal Scots Pipers WW1

The name of these soldiers are unknown.

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