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Every book is a treasure to share; a story to be told, a story to be learned


I was born in the Laurentians of Quebec, in the year when "Perry Mason" first made its debut on TV, and when Slinky and Hula Hoops were popular toys!  And yes, the TV set was in black & white!

In order to take advantage of its learning opportunities, I joined the Canadian Armed Forces at the time when non-traditional trades were opened to women. I was an airframe technician (aircraft mechanic) for 12 years. My first posting was Trenton Ontario, and it is in along Highway 2 and Prince Edward County that I fell in love with the Ontario red brick houses and learned about Loyalists. 

Because it was my dream to go to University some day, I left my military career to start a BA Honours in Geography at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan. I chose geography because of its broad scope of places and people. A mental hyperactive, there is always the need to keep busy and do different things, hence my ever changing work life! 

In all of this, one constant, my love for history and old buildings. 

Member of:

The Lost Villages Historical Society

Community Heritage Ontario